Project Manager

J. Eric Bartko

Director of Investigations
Bartko, Zankel, Bunzel & Miller

J. Eric Bartko manages the Mosse Art Restitution Project (MARP), in addition to other investigations on behalf of BZBM. Since 2011, MARP has undertaken to identify, locate and restitute the Mosse Family Art Collection, looted by the Third Reich in 1933. To date, this project has entailed physical investigative work, the use of U. S. diplomatic contacts to apply political pressure, and negotiations with current holders of Mosse Family Art. The Project requires Mr. Bartko to manage the global knowledge and direction of the Project. Effective management of the Project has resulted in a development of interest in its success by the German Government. A Co-operative Project with Freie Universität and the Stiftung Preußischer Kulturbesitz that will be funded by the Deutsches Zentrum Kulturgutverluste will be announced in March.

Mr. Bartko works closely with Mr. Roger Strauch, of The Mosse Foundation, the sponsor of MARP, as well as providing regular oversight to the Project’s German counsel. The Project has successfully restituted several items from multiple German Museums, and from two Swiss institutions to date.



Recently Recovered Mosse Art Objects